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The Idea Behind the Fellowship

The Karel Fellowship honors and advances the legacy of Frank Karel, who established, led and nurtured the field of strategic communications during his 30 years as chief communications officer for the Robert Wood Johnson and Rockefeller Foundations. Karel believed that racial and ethnic minorities were underrepresented in the public interest communications field and that foundations and public interest organizations needed to be proactive in recruiting and nurturing diverse participation and leadership.

“I learned so many skills during my fellowship that I would not have learned in college. In an age when entering the work force is a competitive experience, I feel much more confident in my value as an employee thanks to the skills that I learned that summer. “

Jaquelin Salg

Franklin & Marshall College, Karel 2016

“Karel was really important for securing a job after college. Two of my employers after the fellowship told me that Karel was a major boost to my resume as it demonstrated some “real-world” nonprofit experience.”

Alvin Kim

Macalester College, Karel 2013