2016 Karel Fellows Group Photo

Are You the Next Karel Fellow?

The Karel Fellowship In Public Interest Communications is a unique, hands-on, experiential summer program that inspires undergraduate students to consider professional opportunities and possibilities in the field of Public Interest Communications. Now in its fifth year, the Karel Fellowship has placed 37 fellows from 15 different colleges with a total of 18 organizations committed to making the world a better place. Public Interest Communications is an innovative field that pulls from the spheres of media, policy, communities of influence, social marketing and activism to drive change. This fellowship is focused on translating personal passion for a more just world into communication skills that elicit social change.

2016 Class of Frank Karel Public Interest Communications Fellows Announced

The Idea Behind the Fellowship

The Karel Fellowship honors and advances the legacy of Frank Karel, who established, led and nurtured the field of strategic communications during his 30 years as chief communications officer for the Robert Wood Johnson and Rockefeller Foundations. Karel believed that racial and ethnic minorities were underrepresented in the public interest communications field and that foundations and public interest organizations needed to be proactive in recruiting and nurturing broader participation and leadership in public interest communications and advocacy.

A District of Change, Washington D.C.

I spoke to Valentina at the League of United Latin American Citizens national convention in Washington, D.C. on behalf of World Wildlife Fund’s new program, Climatico and I remember how she began to describe to me how she lost everything after the glaciers began to melt and the runoff forced her to emigrate from Bolivia to the United States.

The Best Souvenir

Looking back on my summer in Washington D.C., I realize that most of my stipend went to food. I’m thinking of one Saturday morning in particular, where I sat down for brunch without looking at the menu first. There was some serious sticker shock when I learned that it...