Fellow’s Frank Talks

What is frank?

frank is a gathering that brings together professionals from across the social change spectrum – education, health, human rights, environmental protection, civil rights – to discuss research, insights and news pertaining to the field of public interest communications.

In the past, two-three Fellows have been invited to give a talk about their Fellowship experience at frank.

2019 Fellows

Camryn Jackson, a 2019 Fellow from Mercer University who interned at Mary’s Center, spoke about the essential role representation plays in fostering pride and combating social justice issues.

Maryam Iftikhar, a 2019 Fellow from Montgomery College who interned at Families USA, gave a talk about the necessity of utilizing empathetic storytelling in communications campaigns.

Key Estime, a 2019 Fellow from Mount Holyoke College who interned at Martha’s Table, talked about the importance of building bridges and extending resources to the communities we are trying to uplift.

2018 Fellows

Tamarra Thal, a 2018 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at Truth Initiative, gave a talk about the damaging effects of false stereotypes and how we can use truthful communications to dismantle them.

Tarek Deida, a 2018 Fellow from Columbia University who interned at Living Cities, gave a talk about the importance of cross-sector collaboration in creating change and consensus.

Lauryn Fanguen, from Montgomery College, and David Guirgis, from Northwestern University, gave a summary of the key takeaways from frank 2019.

2016 Fellows

Luisa Guaracao, a 2016 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, gave a talk about the importance of values-based communications in creating bipartisanship.

Jackie Salg, a 2016 Fellow from Franklin and Marshall College who interned at Martha’s Table, gave a talk about how storytelling can be used to combat stigma.

2015 Fellows

Aaron Zeiler, a 2015 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, gave a talk about the tobacco industry’s malicious marketing practices and how communications can influence policy change.

Marcia Puig-Lluch, a 2015 Fellow from American University who interned at Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), gave a talk about the power of social media, strategic partnerships and coordination.