Fellow’s Frank Talks

What is frank?

frank is a gathering that brings together professionals from across the social change spectrum – education, health, human rights, environmental protection, civil rights – to discuss research, insights and news pertaining to the field of public interest communications.

In the past, two-three Fellows have been invited to give a talk about their Fellowship experience at frank.

2018 Fellows

Tamarra Thal, a 2018 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at Truth Initiative, gave a talk about the damaging effects of false stereotypes and how we can use truthful communications to dismantle them.

Tarek Deida, a 2018 Fellow from Columbia University who interned at Living Cities, gave a talk about the importance of cross-sector collaboration in creating change and consensus.

Lauryn Fanguen, from Montgomery College, and David Guirgis, from Northwestern University, gave a summary of the key takeaways from frank 2019.

2016 Fellows

Luisa Guaracao, a 2016 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, gave a talk about the importance of values-based communications in creating bipartisanship.

Jackie Salg, a 2016 Fellow from Franklin and Marshall College who interned at Martha’s Table, gave a talk about how storytelling can be used to combat stigma.

2015 Fellows

Aaron Zeiler, a 2015 Fellow from the University of Florida who interned at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, gave a talk about the tobacco industry’s malicious marketing practices and how communications can influence policy change.

Marcia Puig-Lluch, a 2015 Fellow from American University who interned at Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), gave a talk about the power of social media, strategic partnerships and coordination.